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If you are like 95% of Americans, you regard your oral health as a critical part of your overall well-being.

Consistently sticking to a great oral care routine can be a challenge - especially if you aren’t experiencing any problems.

Some people are really good at using a manual toothbrush, most are not. On average the manual brush user spends just 45 seconds brushing. The SmartClean runs on a 2-minute timer so you can brush for the recommended amount of time without even thinking about it.

Most dentists agree that a sonic brush is a great solution for a healthier mouth. The SmartClean works by reaching places your manual brush can’t. The strong vibrations use fluid dynamics to clean areas between your teeth that are out of the reach of bristles.

The SmartClean improves upon sonic technology by including a giant battery that only needs to be charged every 6 weeks plus 5 brushing modes and 3 brush head styles (included!) so you can find the one that works best or you. Get a LIFETIME warranty on the toothbrush when you are subscribed to the brush head replacement program which ships heads on your schedule.

The SmartClean has had a small but extremely loyal following since 2015 when it was rated as one of the products of the year in an industry publication for dental professionals.

If you have never tried a sonic brush or aren’t sure you will like it we offer a no hassle 90 day trial and pay return shipping if its not for you (we can do this because customers that switch to the SmartClean rarely want to give it up.)

Our USA based service team is responsive and happy to answer any questions – try us out at

Take the next step towards a whiter, healthier smile and get the SmartClean or feel free to continue using your manual brush if you are really good at brushing.

Why you'll love the SmartClean

Risk Free

Try the SmartClean for 90 days and if you don't like it we'll take it back, no questions asked.

Lifetime Warranty

If you have any active subscription to any one of our products (brush heads, toothpaste, white strips, floss), you automatically get a lifetime warranty on your toothbrush.