You’ve been brushing your teeth WRONG

You’ve been brushing your teeth WRONG

Brushing your teeth is second nature, so how on earth could you be doing it wrong?

London-based dentist Anna Peterson went viral on TikTok recently when she informed the world that mouthwash after brushing can be worse for your teeth, but that’s not the only dental care misconception we want to clear up.

Here are four dental tools you’ve been using wrong.


Myth: You should rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

Truth: For best brushing, you need a fluoride toothpaste, brushed onto your teeth. The fluoride needs to stay on your teeth for at least 30 minutes to get the full cavity-prevention benefit. No rinsing, no drinking, and no eating immediately after brushing.


Myth: Mouthwash is necessary for a healthy clean mouth. It kills germs.

Truth: Mouthwash, unless prescribed by a dentist, often do more harm than good. The alcohol content kills good bacteria in your mouth while lacking the efficacy of fluoride delivery. For anything other than freshening your breath, you’re better off without.


Myth: Floss after you brush your teeth.

Truth: Flossing should be the first step in your oral care routine. Floss is the ultimate tool for good oral health and for more than removing food stuck between your teeth. It prevents plaque and tartar build up between the teeth and near the gum line, places where cavities are a real pain to have (and treat). When flossing you need to get around the tooth, not just up and down to the gum.


Myth: Manual brushing for two minutes is enough to clean your teeth.

Truth: Even brushing with electric toothbrushes can be inadequate if you aren’t getting all your teeth. You have to brush for a minimum of two minutes with a sonic brush ensuring you get all of your teeth brush. It’s easy to lose track of how long you’ve spent on each part of your mouth, but you must ensure you are giving all teeth equal time for proper oral health.

Brushing too hard can damage your gums and enamel, not brushing hard enough can leave plaque and tarter on your teeth.

Using a sonic brush is the best way to clean your teeth. Brushes with a two-minute timer help you keep track. SmartClean even breaks it up further to make sure you focus on each quadrant of your mouth for the best clean.



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