The 7 Best Hi Smile Toothpaste Alternatives

The 7 Best Hi Smile Toothpaste Alternatives

If you're on a quest for pearly whites without the discomfort often associated with traditional whitening products, you may have come across Hi Smile Toothpaste. This Australian brand has carved out a spot in the at-home oral care market, promising whiter teeth without the sting of peroxide-based treatments.

With my background as an oral health expert and having navigated the ever-broadening landscape of dental care products, I've seen firsthand how innovations like Hi Smile's PAP formula can transform tooth-whitening routines while being gentle on enamel.

However, not every smile responds the same way to any given product. That's why exploring alternatives is key to finding your perfect match in dental care. In this article, we'll delve into other top-tier toothpastes that rival Hi Smile, boasting ingredients that cater to various oral health needs and preferences – from hydroxyapatite wonders to familiar fluoride favorites.

The good news doesn't stop there; among these options lies a novel whitener that offers similar benefits without harsh chemicals or sensitivity issues. Stay tuned for some bright ideas that could change your brushing game!

What is Hi Smile Toothpaste

Hi Smile Toothpaste is a popular teeth whitening product that contains PAP, a novel whitening formula. It is known for its ability to whiten teeth without causing sensitivity or enamel damage.

Hismile Ingredients

Hismile toothpaste uses some key things to help whiten teeth. One main part is PAP, which stands for phthalimido-peroxy-caproic acid. This part works to make marks on your teeth less noticeable without hurting them.

Hismile also has hydroxyapatite in it, which acts like the hard stuff our teeth and bones are made of. It helps fill in tiny holes and fixes small chips in teeth, making them look better and stronger.

Potassium citrate is another thing they put into the mix; it helps if your teeth are often feeling sore or sensitive.

Their whitening formula mixes these ingredients with a cool light called VIO405 technology that shines bright but doesn't hurt your gums or enamel – the outer layer of your teeth that keeps them strong.

A lot of people who know a bunch about teeth say this PAP stuff in Hismile products does a good job for making smiles brighter. Dr. Roshan Parikh and Elizabeth Graves are two of those smart folks who think it's pretty great!

The Science Behind PAP

Moving from the ingredients to how it works, PAP is a key part of Hismile's toothpaste magic. This special stuff is different from the usual teeth whitening ingredient, peroxide. Experts like Dr.

Roshan Parikh and Elizabeth Graves trust PAP because it can make teeth whiter without hurting them or making them feel sensitive.

PAP works by attacking stains on your teeth in a safe way that doesn't harm the tooth enamel. The cool thing about this formula is that it aims for fast results without causing any bad reactions.

Unlike other whiteners that might hurt, Hismile's PAP+ clinical trial shows people can get brighter smiles with less worry about irritation or discomfort.


Some toothpastes can make your teeth feel sore or sensitive. This happens when the stuff inside them is too strong and hurts your teeth instead of helping. HiSmile toothpaste uses special ingredients like PAP, hydroxyapatite, and potassium citrate to whiten without making your teeth hurt.

It's gentle, so even if you have sensitive teeth, you can still get a bright smile.

Experts like Dr. Roshan Parikh and Elizabeth Graves say that these ingredients in HiSmile products are good choices for people who want white teeth but don't want the ouchies from harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide.

Next up, let's talk about whether HiSmile is safe for your enamel.

Does HiSmile affect enamel?

HiSmile toothpaste does not affect enamel. The PAP ingredient used by HiSmile is designed to whiten teeth while being gentle on enamel. This makes it safe for everyday use, without causing harm to the protective layer of your teeth.

Using HiSmile toothpaste regularly won't damage your enamel because the formula is specifically created with enamel safety in mind. It's a reliable choice for whitening and maintaining healthy teeth over time, ensuring that you can confidently incorporate it into your oral care routine.

Moving on to "Hi smile toothpaste review", let's explore how users have experienced its benefits firsthand.

Hi smile toothpaste review

HiSmile toothpaste offers peroxide-free whitening and oral care products. It incorporates PAP, hydroxyapatite, and potassium citrate as active ingredients in its whitening formula.

The effectiveness of the 10-minute treatment time with Hismile's new whitening kit is described in personal reviews. These customer experiences provide valuable insights into the practical benefits and potential drawbacks of using HiSmile toothpaste.

The review of HiSmile toothpaste details personal experiences using the teeth whitening kit. This firsthand account offers an informative perspective on the product's performance, ease of use, and overall satisfaction for prospective consumers considering peroxide-free whitening options.

Why You Should Consider Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

Considering Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste over other whitening alternatives like Hi Smile is a wise choice. Hydroxyapatite toothpaste offers peroxide-free teeth whitening without causing sensitivity, making it suitable for daily use in just 10 minutes.

This PAP formula has earned praise from dental professionals and is an affordable, comfortable, and effective option for maintaining oral hygiene while also providing overall value to its users.

With zero sensitivity issues and the ability to replace hydrogen peroxide in whitening treatments, hydroxyapatite toothpaste is a convenient, scientifically-backed alternative that can offer both whiter teeth and healthier enamel.


Top 10 Best Hi Smile Toothpaste Alternatives

Quick Recommendation

"Looking for a quick recommendation? Check out our product list or scroll down for more in-depth reviews."


1. Ollie Hydroxyapatite toothpaste



    The Ollie Fresh Mint Toothpaste 4oz emerges as a superior option for those seeking a comprehensive oral care solution, placing it at the forefront of high-quality toothpaste alternatives. Its trio of cavity-fighting ingredients—hydroxyapatite, xylitol, and fluoride—delivers a potent defense against tooth decay while catering to different aspects of dental health. Hydroxyapatite is renowned for rematerializing enamel and naturally whitening teeth without the harshness that leads to sensitivity, making it an innovative departure from traditional formulations.

    In my experience using Ollie toothpaste, the light mint flavor indeed leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed rather than overwhelmed by intensity—a noticeable difference that enhances daily brushing routines. Notably absent are controversial additives like SLS or parabens; instead, thoughtful inclusions such as potassium nitrate counteract sensitivity effectively. This feature becomes particularly beneficial for coffee aficionados like myself who can't start their day without an iced beverage but dread the accompanying twinge.

    What solidifies this product's position as number one on our list is its dual effectiveness alongside peroxide whitening treatments and its commitment to social responsibility—with 10% of profits aiding in providing essential oral care resources to communities in need. Using Ollie means not only investing in your own dental health but also contributing to positive change elsewhere—a compelling reason why many users choose Ollie over other options available on the market today.


    • Freshens breath with a light mint flavor
    • Whitens teeth without causing sensitivity
    • Contains 3 cavity fighting ingredients: Hydroxyapatite, Xylitol, and Fluoride
    • Free of harmful ingredients


    • Some users may not prefer the light mint flavor
    • Not suitable for those looking for a stronger whitening effect
    • Contains fluoride, which some people may want to avoid



    2. Toms Toothpaste



      Experience a refreshing burst of natural peppermint while taking a step towards an environmentally conscious lifestyle with Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste. As an expert in personal care products, I appreciate how this toothpaste stands apart by harnessing the power of naturally derived ingredients like zinc citrate and xylitol to fight tartar buildup and gently remove surface stains. The commitment to omit fluoride caters to those preferring or requiring non-fluoridated oral hygiene options.

      This choice lands Tom's Toothpaste at No. 2 on our curated selection for its remarkable balance between effective dental care and environmental stewardship. Users will find the recyclable tube—a nod towards sustainability—conveniently aligns with eco-friendly practices without compromising on dental health benefits. With regular use, customers often report not just cleaner teeth but also improved whiteness, which is a key factor when considering alternatives aimed at enhancing your smile.

      Tom's has consistently demonstrated an understanding that product quality goes beyond mere effectiveness; it’s about creating an experience that aligns with user values and lifestyles. Their transparency in sourcing ingredients responsibly, combined with their dedication to community support through charitable contributions, exemplifies why they've earned such high regard among natural product enthusiasts looking for conscientious choices in their daily routine.


      • Natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors
      • Not tested on animals
      • Recyclable tube for eco - friendly disposal
      • Helps remove surface stains and fights tartar buildup


      • May not be suitable for those who prefer fluoride in their toothpaste
      • Some users may find the peppermint flavor too strong
      • The packaging may vary, so customers might not get the exact packaging shown on the website



      3. Risewell Toothpaste


      Risewell Toothpaste emerges as a stellar alternative in the natural oral care space, earning our No. 3 spot with its unique blend of efficacy and purity. This toothpaste brings the power of Hydroxyapatite to your daily oral hygiene routine—a biocompatible mineral that's naturally found in teeth—which works wonders for remineralizing enamel and reducing sensitivity without using fluoride. As someone who prefers natural products yet requires something robust enough to tackle sensitive teeth, Risewell stands out for its dentist-formulated balance of nature and science.

      Crafted in the USA, this product shines with a refreshing Wild Mint flavor that ensures a clean feeling without resorting to artificial flavors or colors—ideal for those looking to avoid such additives. Moreover, it’s free from Sulfates, Parabens, and SLS; not just making it safe to eat but also aligning perfectly with users mindful about clean living. The absence of unnecessary chemicals is particularly reassuring for parents or anyone concerned about accidental ingestion during brushing.

      In terms of whitening capabilities, Risewell makes an impression on those seeking a brighter smile through natural means. It gently brightens smiles over time by leaning on Hydroxyapatite's inherent remineralization properties rather than harsh bleaching agents—it's like nourishment and beauty wrapped into one minty-fresh package! Users rave about noticeable improvements without compromising tooth health or experiencing irritation—an essential factor contributing to its top-three ranking among Hi Smile Toothpaste Alternatives.


      • Fluoride-free, SLS-free, and free from artificial flavors & colors
      • Reduces sensitivity by remineralizing enamel and small tubules
      • Naturally whitens teeth while improving overall tooth enamel health
      • Dentist - formulated and made in the USA


      • Higher price point compared to traditional toothpastes.
      • Some users may not enjoy the taste of wild mint flavor.
      • May not be as widely available in stores as other toothpaste brands.



      4. Dr. Brite Toothpaste


      Dr. Brite Whitening Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste presents an impressive fusion of nature and science, tailored for those looking for a tooth-cleaning product that's both gentle on enamel and formidable against stains. The toothpaste's standout attributes include activated charcoal from coconuts, which aids in gentle whitening without the abrasive aftermath often associated with other whitening agents. Users can expect to experience not only stain removal but also plaque reduction, thanks to its formulation that includes calcium carbonate and hydrated silica – minerals known for their cleansing prowess.

      Committed to delivering a fresh feeling after each brush, Dr. Brite ensures your oral routine is enhanced with an invigorating burst of organic mint flavor derived purely from plant sources. This dedication to organic ingredients extends across the entire list – featuring organic aloe vera juice for its soothing properties and non-acidic Vitamin C as an antioxidant boost. Ideal for those cautious about synthetic additives or harsh chemicals, this fluoride-free and sulfate-free option stands as a commendable choice amidst alternatives in the high smile category bustling with options.

      Every tube escalates dental care practices by embracing vegan ethics while refusing artificial sweeteners or flavors, indicating Dr. Brite's commitment to sustainable health choices. Those who have transitioned from more mainstream brands report satisfaction with how clean their mouth feels post-brush without compromising on taste or efficacy - affirming Dr. Brite’s position as a top contender within conscientious consumer circles seeking effective yet holistic oral hygiene solutions.


      • Gently whitens teeth and removes stains without sensitivity
      • Provides a fresh and tasty mint flavor for a clean smile every day
      • Cleanses away harmful bacteria and polishes teeth to prevent cavities and bad breath
      • Contains natural, vegan ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors


      • Some users may not like the taste of the mint flavor.
      • The toothpaste may be more expensive compared to other traditional options on the market.
      • Not everyone may see immediate results in terms of whitening their teeth.



      5. Cali Natural Toothpaste



        Cali White Natural Whitening Toothpaste emerges as a standout in the realm of oral care, particularly for those seeking an alternative to mainstream brands like Hi Smile. With its activated charcoal formulation, this vegan and organic toothpaste takes a nature-focused approach to dental hygiene. The combination of coconut oil, baking soda, and diatomaceous earth works diligently to remove surface stains from teeth without relying on harsh chemicals such as peroxide or sulfate. Users can feel confident about their environmental impact and personal wellness given its cruelty-free certification and absence of fluoride, SLS, and triclosan.

        This Pacific Mint flavored toothpaste is equipped with xylitol—a natural sweetener known for its decay-preventing properties—and essential oils like peppermint and tea tree that ensure minty fresh breath alongside clean-feeling teeth. What sets Cali White apart is not just what's inside the tube but also the user experience it offers; instead of overbearing artificial flavors often found in commercial pastes, it delivers a refreshing taste that has been met with approval by many seeking both efficacy and enjoyment from their dental regimen.

        In practice, Cali White's Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste provides gentle yet effective whitening benefits—ideal for daily use without concern for enamel erosion or sensitivity issues frequently associated with chemical whiteners. It’s made in the USA under stringent quality controls which adds an extra layer of trustworthiness for consumers navigating their options beyond popular choices like Hi Smile. By incorporating responsible ingredients into your oral care routine through products such as Cali Natural Toothpaste, you're not only investing in whiter smile but also supporting sustainable practices within personal health products.


        • Vegan and organic toothpaste
        • Fluoride, sulfate, and peroxide free
        • Minty fresh breath with natural ingredients
        • Activated charcoal whitens teeth and eliminates plaque


        • Charcoal may be messy and leave residue on the sink and toothbrush.
        • Some users may not enjoy the taste of peppermint oil in the toothpaste.
        • The packaging is not as environmentally friendly as some other toothpaste options.



        6. Luminex Whitening Toothpaste



          In the crowded landscape of teeth whitening products, Lumineux Whitening Toothpaste stands out as a beacon for those seeking a brighter smile without compromising their dental health. As someone who values both efficacy and safety in oral care, I find that this toothpaste delivers on its promise—whitening teeth with a formula that is kind to the enamel and gentle on sensitive mouths. It's encouraging to see that it ditches harsh peroxide for essential oils, an innovative approach to stain removal that steers clear of enamel erosion—a common concern among traditional whitening methods.

          Lumineux Whitening Toothpaste also impresses with its rigorous standards; boasting over 50 university studies underlining its effectiveness. This clinical backing instills confidence in users looking for proven results without undesirable side effects such as tooth sensitivity or damage to the oral microbiome—which Lumineux takes special care to protect with its non-toxic certification. For eco-conscious consumers, this dentist-formulated product checks all the boxes: fluoride-free, alcohol-free, devoid of artificial colors and SLS.

          Balanced not only in formulation but also perspective, Lumineux doesn't shy away from taste either—offering a palatable experience often absent from natural alternatives. After switching from mainstream options that caused discomfort after use due to heightened sensitivity, I've noticed marked improvements since incorporating Lumineux into my daily routine. My teeth gradually transformed to a whiter shade while my mouth retained its vitality—free from any sting of irritation commonly associated with other whitening toothpastes. In short, those searching beyond traditional choices will find peace-of-mind—and certainly a more luminous smile—with Lumineux Whitening Toothpaste.


          • Whitens teeth without damaging enamel
          • Uses natural essential oils to break up stains
          • Free from toxins, fluoride, alcohol, and artificial colors
          • Clinically proven to clean, freshen, and whiten teeth without sensitivity


          • More expensive than traditional whitening toothpastes.
          • May not provide instant results compared to bleaching products.
          • Some users may find the taste of essential oils to be overpowering or unpleasant.



          7. Crest 3d Brilliants toothpaste



            Elevate your oral hygiene with the Crest 3D White Brilliance 2 Step Kit, a comprehensive system for maintaining a dazzling smile. This innovative kit pairs a deep cleaning toothpaste with a powerful whitening gel to deliver results that rival professional treatments. The first stage of this dual-action formula involves the deep cleanser – not just any ordinary toothpaste – but one that penetrates hard-to-reach areas, ridding your mouth of lingering plaque and debris while leaving behind an invigorating freshness.

            Following up, the second step is where the true magic happens: the whitening gel. Designed to polish away surface stains, its use can maintain teeth at their peak brightness – up to 99% as white as what you'd expect post-dentist visit*, ensuring everyday activities like coffee or wine sipping won't dull your shine. Unlike some alternatives which may require lengthy or complicated processes, Crest’s simplicity means it slides seamlessly into your daily routine; just two minutes twice a day suffices for visible results.

            Consumers often report they feel an immediate difference after their initial use of Crest 3D White Brilliance. With regular application, many observe not only brighter smiles but also improved mouth health overall. As someone seeking comparable alternatives in high-quality dental care products, including those from leading brands like Hi Smile, this Crest kit stands out by combining convenience with efficacy—a crucial criterion for anyone looking to boost their oral presentation without compromising on time or performance.


            • Two - step system for deep cleaning and teeth whitening
            • Convenient at - home daily cleansing and whitening
            • Keeps your smile up to 99% as white as a professional polish with daily use
            • Stain assessed 4 weeks after dental cleaning


            • Requires two steps which may be inconvenient for some users.
            • May not be suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth or gums.
            • Whitening results may vary and take time to show noticeable improvement.



            Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alternative To Hi Smile Toothpaste

            Consider the desired benefits, potential sensitivities, and consultation with a dentist when choosing an alternative toothpaste. Read on to discover more about these important factors.

            Desired benefits

            Choosing a toothpaste to replace Hi Smile comes down to the advantages you're hoping for in your daily brushing routine. If strong, sparkling teeth top your list, look for a novel whitening formula proven to brighten smiles several shades without harming tooth enamel.

            For those with sensitive gums, ingredients matter; search for options that soothe rather than irritate tender mouth tissues.

            Focusing on oral health doesn't mean sacrificing fresh breath or enjoyment of flavor. Many alternatives boast delightful aftertastes and include dietary supplements aimed at enhancing overall dental well-being.

            Commit to products that align with not just your aesthetic desires but those that contribute significantly towards fending off cavities and maintaining robust oral hygiene routines.

            Ingredients and potential sensitivities

            When looking for Hi Smile toothpaste alternatives, ingredients matter just as much as the promised benefits. Many people have sensitivities to certain substances often found in oral care products, like sulfates, artificial dyes, or parabens.

            A good alternative should offer not only a brilliant smile but also a formula that respects your body's needs. Opt for toothpastes with natural ingredients and be wary of those that contain aggressive chemicals which can irritate gums and enamel.

            Choosing a new toothpaste isn't just about avoiding sensitivity—it's about finding what enhances your oral health without compromising it. Look for options with hydroxyapatite or fluoride to strengthen teeth, and consider if you need extras like whitening agents or flavorings.

            Additionally, check labels for certifications such as FDA approval and Leaping Bunny seals to ensure safety standards are met. After reviewing ingredients against potential sensitivities, consulting with a dentist can provide personalized advice tailored to your dental needs.

            Consultation with dentist

            Understanding ingredients and their potential sensitivities is essential, but a visit to your dentist can offer personalized advice on selecting a toothpaste. Your dentist knows your oral health history and can recommend the best product from the alternatives list that fits your dental needs.

            They may suggest a toothpaste with specific ingredients tailored to improve your enamel strength or tackle sensitivity issues.

            A discussion with a health-care professional assures you use a whitening treatment like one of the Hi Smile alternatives safely, especially if you have pre-existing dental concerns.

            Before making any decisions or starting an at-home oral care routine with new products, arrange for this expert consultation. Your dentist can also clarify whether claims about shades improvement through teeth bleaching are realistic for your situation, ensuring you make an informed choice without relying on self-diagnosis or unfounded product claims.



            In conclusion, when seeking alternatives to Hi Smile Toothpaste, there are several options available in the market. Ollie Toothpaste, Boka Toothpaste, Risewell Toothpaste, Dr. Bite Toothpaste, and Snow Toothpaste are all recommended choices.

            These alternatives provide a range of features catering to various oral care needs. Whether it's sensitivity or enamel protection, these toothpastes offer effective solutions for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

            It's essential to consider individual preferences and any specific dental concerns when selecting an alternative to Hi Smile toothpaste. Each option brings its unique benefits and ingredients that cater to different aspects of overall oral health.

            Making an informed choice based on personal needs and considerations will lead to better outcomes for maintaining a bright smile and optimal dental hygiene.

            Remember that consulting with a healthcare professional is always advisable before making significant changes to your dental care routine or starting new products.

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